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Qualities of an Intercessor.
1) Intercessors are a new creation in Christ Jesus. They have given up their lives to live and pray for others. 2Cor.5:17
2) Intercessors are priests, with holiness a priority. Having an understanding of the Levitical Priesthood, but above all, an understanding of Jesus’ priesthood. See Heb.7:11-28; Rom.12: 1-2; Isa.42:1-9; Duet.10:8, Lev.
3) Intercessors are grace revealers. Living it, walking it, talking it. Not operating out of judgmental attitudes, like the accuser. Hos.6:6, Mic.6:8
4) Intercessors have a heart that is teachable, willing to accept correction, willing to be obedient to and counseled by Holy Spirit. Jn.14:23
5) Intercessors have a heart of mercy. Because they are the message of a merciful God. The heart of God transforms their hearts. Bearing his image or inscription, they are mercy bearers. Jer.3:12, Mt.5:7
6) Intercessors keep the enemy out of their lives by maintaining honesty and humility before God and others. Ps.51:10
7) Intercessors are called to break people out of prison. Their prayers originate from the throne of mercy. Their intimacy with God as Father will assist them topray positive and blessing prayers. Jn.14:9 –14, Luke 4:18
8) Intercessors are called to pray for, not to prey upon. They stand in the gap becoming
a defense for the one being prayed for. They discern the need and turn it into prayer.
Ez.22:30 Example: Num.25:10-11
True discernment abounds in love flowing from your heart.
False discernment judges, saying, “They deserve what they get.”
“What you do with what you see determines the amount of Jesus in you. Do not judge anything you are not willing to die for.” (Frances Frangipane)
9) Intercessors show forth the power of reconciliation; because our God is a reconciling God. They understand without prejudice the uniqueness of every person and situation.
Mt.7:1-2; 2Cor.5:19-21
10) Intercessors are team players, living under authority and accountability. They understand the schemes of the evil one and keep him out of their lives, through resistance and wisdom. They must possess a working knowledge of how the enemy works against others, the church, and us. Having discernment and understanding the armor of God, the rest of God and the protection of God will greatly help them in using warfare strategies. They need to understand as much as possible the heart of Christ for others, and themselves. Must be Spirit walkers. See Rom.8 & 12, 1Cor.2:6-16, Gal.5, Eph. All
11) Intercessors live to fulfill the attitudes described in the Beatitudes. Mt.5:3-12
They will seek to have these Kingdom ideals filling their lives. See Rom.12:3-21
See also Is.11:2-5 (Who Jesus is.)
12) True intercessors understand the cross. They understand Jesus’ cross and their own.
There are things in our lives that can only be remedied by the cross. The cross will reveal the intercessors heart. There must be surrendering of themselves to die for others and situations before God in their intercession. Those who want the rank of intercessor must bear the responsibility and obligation to the Spirit. It is a privilege to pray for and with others.
Rom.8: 9-13
1) What are the main qualities of an intercessor?
2) Who qualifies us to become an intercessor?
3) How does one arrive here and can anyone be an intercessor?
4) What does the cross mean to the intercessor?
5) Where and how does humility come to affect the intercessors life?
Are you an Intercessor?
Qualities of an Intercessor:
Perhaps after reading through the article you would question yourself to see if you still qualify?
Simply remember it is Christ in you that matters, and Holy Spirit is the one who qualifies us through the work he does in us.
To Jeremiah, the Lord said, “I will put my words in your mouth…”
In a manufacturing setting there is a quality control department where they are always trying to improve on the product so as to stay in the forefront with sales and position in the marketplace.
Holy Spirit is head of Gods quality control and he is changing us, “from glory to glory…”
All are called to intercede and this is an outline. As you press into God, you will find that these qualities will grow in you. The more you think about and place others ahead of yourself, is a key component for the transformation of your heart and spirit. You will become amazed as you see the love of God pour out from you and into the lives of others.
Thankfully our Heavenly Father is in the process of perfecting us in Jesus, through Holy Spirit within us mingled together with our spirit. There is no room for striving with our flesh, except to say to God, as Isaiah had said, “here I am send me.” Our faith is not in our works, but to work the work of faith. Once each of us finds that place IN JESUS, not in ourselves or in copying others, but in the discovery of the new creation we were designed for, then the journey into the heart of God becomes as simple as little children following after their teacher. Remember and be encouraged that you are as unique as your own DNA and that uniqueness is a gift and your hope and trust is in the finished work of Christ. Col.1:27 “Christ in you the hope of glory…” which works powerfully in you.
What a privilege we have in serving this way. Let humility be your goal so your prayer/intercession will find quick answers before so great a God and Father as we have.
1) A new creation? Then why are we still thinking with the old mind.
See: Rom.12:2 No more conformity to the world.
2) Understanding, How? Through revelation. The Levites set aside for ministry. Jesus priesthood; for you to know Holy Spirit and to study and know the scriptures, becoming a living testimony of the Glory of God in you.
3) Grace revealers.You have received the greatest gift; GRACE. Jesus life given through God’s enormous love.
4) Teachable. An act of your WILL-ing-ness. Continuously.
5) Heart of Mercy. His image bearer.
6) Honest/Humility. Pure heart. How? Where does humility come from? How do we get it into us?
7) Intimacy with God. How? Blessing others comes from where? Attitude?
8) In the Gap. Discern. What is the Gap? A void only you can bridge by way of your love for others and for God. A privilege.
Does a bridge just happen? 1Jn.1 & 2 Love, Love, Love. Gal.5
Fruit of THE SPIRIT, LOVE. Learn the way of the Spirit.
9) Reconciliation.Powerful. Without prejudice. Nathan before David delivers only the message. Do not add to it. God’s heart is for repentance.
10)Team Player. Under authority/accountability. To who? Why?
11)Attitude/Kingdom ideals. You are a priest in the sanctuary of God. Ps.15:1-3, Matt. 12:34. Lk.6:45.
12)Understanding the Cross. Why? Fundamental.
What should the cross mean to each of us?
If you are still acting from your old nature you are in violation of
actually talking to (and from) the dead.

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